Texas is a beautiful state that lots of people are moving to daily

12 Best Places to Live in Texas in 2022

Everybody is moving to Texas, popularly called the Lone Star state. Suppose you’re also considering the same, but asking where the best places to stay in Texas are, this article is for you.

Texas has lots of attractions for people looking to relocate, especially the weather. The weather is beautiful year-round from Dallas to Austin and San Antonio to Houston, Texas.

Besides the lovely weather, most Texas cities offer more affordable real estate options than most states in the country. This article explores the 12 best cities to stay in Texas for families, retirees, and young adults. We will also discuss reasons to move to Texas and the benefits of moving to the Lone Star state.

That way, we will provide insight to enable you to decide on the Texas city that offers the best life quality for you. Keep reading!

Top 12 Cities to Live in Texas

To determine the best cities to live in Texas, we considered some factors, including the area’s population, crime rates, and economic growth rate.

We also prioritized the best and safest cities for families and access to entertainment and culture for entrepreneurs and young professionals.

The top 12 cities to live in Texas are:

  1. Austin

As the state capital, Austin is categorically Texas’s social heart. This metropolis in Central Texas has a population of almost one million and has grown by more than 20% in the last ten years.

Austin’s fast growth makes the city the diverse and thriving ecosystem it presently is and a center for sustainable development, political movements, and social change.

When not pursuing prestigious careers or promoting positive change, you can catch Austin residents enjoying the lush vegetation of the city parks, which is one of the reasons the city earned the 45th spot in ParkScore’s greenest US urban areas.

The median housing price in Austin is $659,000 with prices going up every day. Besides being the capital of Texas, Austin is renowned for its live music, the University of Texas football program, and lots of top-rated public schools.

You’ll never run short of opportunities and entertainment in Austin, including diverse food options and lovely restaurants.

  1. Dallas and Fort Worth

With almost 7.5 million people, Fort Worth and Dallas are two big cities in Texas you’ll enjoy moving to. Although they’re so close together that both areas are often considered the same; the cities are different.

Fort Worth has a low cost of living and lower crime rate, and the atmosphere is more laid back. On the other hand, Dallas is at the center of the Southernmost tip of Texas and features many beautiful parks.

Dallas is also Texas’ economic hub, offering a taste of urban life. Thanks to both cities’ thriving economic landscape and diverse nature, moving to either of the towns is an excellent option for young talents, families with kids, couples, and experienced professionals.

Dallas and Fort Worth are the places with the highest bank headquarters in the state. Some great areas to stay in Texas are in the towns and cities that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth area, such as:

The Dallas stadium in Arlington

– Arlington

Nestled between Fort Worth and Dallas, this North Texas city is affordable and well-rounded compared to its neighbors Irving, Denton, McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Dallas.

Arlington is also safer, with a lower violent crime rate than Fort Worth or Dallas. The town’s major highlights include its food and parks. Considering that Arlington’s Stadium is home to the Texas Rangers baseball team and the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium (the fourth largest NFL stadium popularly known as Jerry World), you wouldn’t be lying if you call Arlington a sports-oriented city.

Besides the numerous bars, gyms, shopping malls, restaurants, museums, and parks in Arlington, property affordability is also one of the perks of living in this beautiful town.

A low median housing price of $266,992 and the availability of various property types are one of the reasons Arlington is an excellent option for families and young people to stay in Texas.

– Denton

While other towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are witnessing slow growth, Denton is gaining more popularity with a 21.7% 9-year population growth rate. Denton’s Rodeo and North Texas State Fair bring in more than 100,000 annual attendees, and the city is home to the University of North Texas.

This fastest-growing suburban town boasts an active music and art community,  especially the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, which brings in more than 200,000 art and jazz enthusiasts yearly.

Housing is also affordable in Denton, with the median housing price at $328,559, so if you’re looking for an affordable place to stay in Texas, Denton is worth your consideration.

– Garland

One primary thing that distinguishes Garland from the other towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the number of green spaces and parks. The Trust for Public Land Annual Park Ranking rated Garland as the 83rd best park system in the country, and 63% of the residents live almost a ten-minute walking distance away from a park.

The 2016 Census data showed that Garland is home to a large number of the Vietnamese population in the country. Therefore, Garland might be best for you if you’re a Vietnamese culture and food lover. With lots of real estate options and a median housing price of $310,803, Garland is one of the most affordable places you can live in Texas.

Garland is known for the “Firewheel,” a renowned wildflower that flourishes in the summer and spring across the area.

– Frisco City

Frisco City is the fastest-growing town in Texas, as seen by its population. With the highest median household income at $127,133 each year, Frisco also has the lowest violent crime rate compared to the other cities that made our list, making it one of the safest towns in the state.

As a prestigious and prosperous suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas, Frisco City is close to Lewisville Lake and major downtown amenities.

Frisco is home to the Star (the practice facility for the Cowboy) and FC Dallas, plus major employers like Amerisource, IKEA, Oracle, and T-Mobile.

If prestige and wealth are your top priorities, Frisco is for you. Frisco City has a median housing price of $715,196 with lots of real estate options to choose from.

A fast-growing town in Texas

– McKinney

As the fifth fastest-growing town in the state, McKinney residents enjoy the luxury of having easy access to world-class museums and restaurants while experiencing the beauty and culture of Dallas.

Also, people living in McKinney don’t have to deal with the worst aspects of Dallas living, like a lower median household income and high violent crime rate.

McKinney is the best compromise for people looking to avoid the stressful life that comes with living in downtown Dallas without missing the perks and comfort of big city amenities.

As a town whose residents enjoy $89,964 annual median household income, the third-highest in Texas, McKinney is also a very safe town. The town has various real estate options and a median housing price of $490,131.

Its history as an early settlement for Texas pioneers and its proximity to Dallas makes McKinney a unique suburb for young individuals and people moving with their families.

– Plano

Are you looking for the perfect balance between green areas and skyscrapers? Thanks to the town’s system of trails and parks, Plano is one of the ideal places to stay in Texas.

More than three-quarters of Plano residents live just ten minutes walking distance from a natural area. Besides the multitude of green spaces and parks, Plano is perfect for families due to its high affordability, bars, theaters, museums, restaurant accessibility, and low crime rate.

Plano is the most prosperous and greenest suburb in Texas and the residents enjoy a high median income and shorter commute time with the highest life quality rating.

The scenic suburb has a median housing price of $544,000 with various real estate options to consider.

– Irving

As one of the well-rounded cities on this list, Irving offers affordable housing options and good food than its neighbor Dallas. This Dallas-Fort Worth suburb has a median household income of $61,937 annually and a median housing price of $284,430.

One of the popular suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, 64% of Irving residents live ten minutes walking distance away from a park and enjoy proximity to Dallas without dealing with a high violent crime rate.

Irving is perfect for young professionals, as the area is home to many Fortune 500 companies, including Fluor Corporation, Kimberly-Clark, and ExxonMobil. There are also numerous entertainment options for relaxation and fun.

  1. San Antonio

Although San Antonio doesn’t readily come to mind like Houston, Austin, or Dallas when thinking about cities in Texas, the city is Texas’ touristic, historical, and cultural hub.

Thanks to the numerous entertainment spots and top attractions, the city welcomes almost 40 million visitors yearly. No town in Texas offers such a perfect blend of Mexican and Texan cultures, historical monuments,  and diversity.

Are you a food lover? Then, you might want to check out the San Antonio River Walk, an event lined with traditional cuisine eateries and fine dining options to watch the riverboat parades.

San Antonio offers its residents reduced commuting times (an average of 24 minutes) to improve their quality of life, a great median household income, and many job opportunities in growing sectors like IT, bioscience, aerospace, and healthcare.

The median housing price in San Antonio is $300,000, and housing prices are still increasing, so now is the time to enter the San Antonio real estate market if you want to own a piece of this beautiful, scenic city.

The statue of General Sam Houston

  1. Houston

This city boasts a population of about 2.3 million people, making it the fourth largest city in the US and the largest in Texas. Like in other global metropolises, people living in Houston deal with low median household income (Houston’s median household income is $52,338 compared to the $67,521 national average) and an above-average crime rate.

Despite these few unpleasant factors, the Houston metro area still ranks amongst the best places to live in Texas, attracting skilled professionals and entrepreneurs looking to move their business or career to the next level.

Besides being the largest city in Texas, Houston is home to many corporate headquarters and oil and gas industry companies in the US, leading to the large influx of young and seasoned professionals to the city.

Houston has a $330,000 median housing price. The city is home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the space shuttle program, and NASA’s human spaceflight headquarters, leading to the moniker “Space City USA.”

  1. El Paso

Although El Paso is technically located in Texas, this beautiful town overlooks the Mexican border while sharing suburbs with the city of Ciudad Juarez. El Paso is full of Hispanic culture, food, and art influences compared to most towns in Eastern and Southern Texas or the state’s panhandle.

Suppose you’re looking for the best stay in Texas; El Paso is worth considering, as it’s pretty affordable and has a low median household income of $45,600.

Fortunately, El Paso is currently gaining attention from international businesses and entrepreneurs, leading to the average house price skyrocketing from $160,000 to $230,000 in one year.

Suppose you’re considering buying a house in Texas; now is the best time to check out the El Paso real estate market before the property price further increases.

  1. Beaumont, TX

One affordable town you’d want to consider moving to in Texas is Beaumont. Besides the housing expenses being ten percent less than the national average, this small town is perfect for art lovers.

Beaumont is home to many art museums, live performances, and music at the Jefferson Theater. There are also many gardens and parks for enjoying the fresh air, not to mention several exciting tourist attractions.

As of 2019, Beaumont’s population was 118,151. The average home value is $138,217 with a 78.3% cost of living index, which is 22.6% cheaper than the Texas state average.

One thing that keeps attracting people to Beaumont is the excellent weather conditions. Therefore, whether you’re looking to move down to Texas or considering a weekend getaway to the Lone Star state, Beaumont offers you Texas hospitality without the big city feel.

You might not know this, but oil was discovered in Beaumont, and this small but sprawling town is home to the world’s largest working fire hydrant. If you’re considering moving to Texas with your family, Beaumont is a place worth considering.

A pictorial view of New Braunfels, TX

  1. New Braunfels

New Braunfels is a lush, prosperous “oasis city” outside San Antonio and at the center of Texas Hill Country. While the town might not be a popular tourist attraction spot like San Antonio, New Braunfels attracts over 100,000 people during Wurstfest, a festival showcasing German heritage.

The median household income in New Braunfels is more than $71,000, and it has continued to witness steady growth over the past few years, attracting professionals and younger families.

Suppose you’re considering moving to an up-and-coming place that will enable you to appreciate the beauty of Texas; consider looking towards New Braunfels.

The median house price in New Braunfels is $422,034, a 30.8% increase in one year.

  1. Amarillo

Located on the northern side of the state, Amarillo is one of the major economic hubs of Texas and keeps thriving due to its rich and diverse culture. Amarillo offers affordable living with a chance to explore the always-changing food scene.

Due to the median household income being close to $52,750 and low housing costs, Amarillo is perfect for people moving with their families. Not to mention the median housing price, which is $162,788, with 58.6% of residents owning their homes while 41.4% are renters. Amarillo is currently a buyer’s market, so you might want to jump in now before demand overtakes property availability if you’re looking to buy affordable homes in Texas.

Amarillo is well-connected to the prestigious Texas Tech University. It’s also home to the Route 66 District,  V-22 Osprey hybrid aircraft assembly plant, and the Cadillac Ranch, an outdoor art installation space.

  1. Round Rock

Are you looking to move to a place with big city perks and a country feel? Round Rock offers all these and more. With the center of Austin being reachable within a 20-minute drive, you can live in Round Rock and still have access to hidden natural beauties like the Colorado River and Hamilton Greenbelt.

Round Rock is a fast-growing area with an $80,600 above-average median household income and lots of attraction for both people moving with families and entrepreneurs.

The median housing price is $525,000, with a 13.5% increase in one year. Round Rock is home to Dell Technologies and its massive 157,000-employee headquarters campus, meaning it has one of the best technologically advanced workforces in Texas.

  1. Georgetown

Although Georgetown isn’t as popular as most of the cities mentioned here, it’s still one of the few towns that exude beauty and offer many career opportunities and high quality of life in the state.

Georgetown is located about 25 miles the North of Austin and is home to over 71,000 people. This quiet town ranks as the 7th fastest-growing city in the US and the second fastest in Texas.

The US Census Bureau report showed that Georgetown’s median household income is above $73,800 (more than the US average). Due to the affordable housing options ($435,294 median home price), short commuting times, and extremely low crime rate, Georgetown is one of the best TX cities to live in, especially for people looking to start a family.

An aerial view of Laredo town, TX

  1. Laredo

Laredo is a town on the border between Mexico and Route 85, which connects Monterrey,  Austin,  and Dallas, making it an important trading hub.

This small Texan city was formerly the short-lived Republic of Rio Grande capital in 1840 and boasted a rich culture and significant historical heritage. Although the city’s median household income is pretty low, Laredo offers a high quality of life, and houses are affordable too.

Laredo residents’ median household income is $43,341. Thankfully, with the median housing price at $161,978, the housing price has offset the low household income, making Laredo one of the most affordable towns in Texas. With the diverse Mexican cuisines in Laredo, you’ll never get tired of trying new dishes.

  1. Corpus Christi

Tucked in a peaceful bay overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi features a different lifestyle than most large Texan towns. With about 325,780 people living in the city, Corpus Christi is perfect for retirees, digital nomads, and young professionals looking for a relaxed, laid-back life without missing out on entertainment opportunities.

Corpus Christi offers many opportunities for listening to live music and dining out, unparalleled housing affordability, and a complex park system. Suppose you’re looking for a quaint and quiet town in Texas; you might want to consider Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi offers its residents excellent value for their money with a $55,709 median household income and a $205,830 average housing price. Suppose you’re considering moving to Texas on a budget; Corpus Christi is one of the cities to consider.

Why Move to Texas?

As Texas continues to maintain the position as the second most moved-to state, more people will continue to relocate to the Lone Star State in droves from states like Illinois,  Florida, California, and New York.

The following are some of the reasons for relocating to Texas:

Move Closer to Friends and Family

Due to the large population of Texas (more than 30 million people), there are chances that you have a family or friend that lives in the Lone Star State.

Texas Crime Rates

Although most big cities are generally unsafe, Texas is home to many safe cities, allowing you to enjoy the luxuries of city life, whether single or with your family. Areas like Dallas and Plano have low crime rates regardless of their size and rank best for people with families.

Job Opportunities

Due to the recent influx of Fortune 500 firms which has brought many economic opportunities and new jobs to Texas, many people are rushing to relocate to the Lone Star state.

Affordable Houses

Besides the low cost of living, housing is affordable in Texas. Although moving out of state has many pros and cons, relocating to Texas has many benefits that outweigh the cons.

Almost all parts of Texas offer affordable housing options, with the median housing price in some cities as low as $122,000.

A beautiful view of a Texas town

Some Benefits of Moving to Texas

With no state tax, small business-friendly laws, rich traditions, a Southern charm culture, and space for lower prices, Texas offers the best blend of rural and urban life in an inexpensive package for people searching for prosperity and opportunity.

The following are some of the benefits of moving to Texas:

  1. Low State Taxes

Texas’s tax situation increases its attractiveness to people looking to relocate, especially from heavily taxed states like California and New York. The Texas Constitution doesn’t acknowledge personal income taxes, so you don’t have to spend all your income on taxes.

  1. Friendly Neighbors

Southern culture is a real thing that you’ll get to experience when you’ll be welcomed with homemade pecan pies and other treats by your neighbors after moving to Texas.

Texans are quite friendly and always say “thank you” and “please.” Even strangers say hi while walking.

  1. Rich History and Culture

Texas is rich in history, including its attempt to be a nation in the Texas Revolution. The revolution is a story that Texans can’t tell without mentioning Santa Anna, the Alamo, and the Texian soldiers that fought for the republic’s independence in 1836.

The popular Six Flags Fiesta Texas, part of the amusement park franchise, is named after the six flags that Texas has flown under France, Mexico, Spain, the Confederate States of America,  the Republic of Texas, and the United States.

With this diverse background, Texas has become a cultural melting pot for people of all races and colors.

  1. Perfect Balance of Rural and Urban

Due to many available cheap lands, Texas urban areas have been privileged to expand outwards and not inwards. While other hyperdense cities like San Francisco and New York City continue to witness more issues due to population spurt, Texas urban areas have perfected a unique growth pattern that entails connecting with surrounding rural areas.

These metropolises and surrounding suburbs benefit from their proximity, resulting in higher growth, greater housing affordability,  manageable commutes, easy access to public parks, delicious local cuisine, low violent crime rates, and higher household incomes.


What Are the Costliest Areas to Stay in Texas?

Suppose you’re considering the cost of living; in that case, the Dallas and Fort Worth area is the most expensive place to live in Texas. Austin is also rapidly growing, and the cost of living increases as more people move there.

However, if you’re looking at average home costs, Frisco City, Round Rock, and Austin are the most expensive areas according to their house prices.

Why Are Homes More Affordable in Texas?

Besides the low tax in Texan cities, building materials like concrete and sand are readily available and cheaper in the state.

Texas has a mild climate and relaxed building codes that allow for fast home building to ensure a higher supply of homes, bringing down home prices compared to other big cities.

What Big Organizations Are Moving to Texas?

Many Fortune 500 companies are moving their headquarters to the Lone Star state, including Tesla,  Amazon, Venture, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Oracle, due to the low tax and lower cost of living compared to similar big cities.

The Big Bend National Park, TX

What Are Texas Top Attractions?

Suppose you’re planning to visit Texas, there are lots of attraction spots and things to do. The San Antonio River Walk is lined with twinkling stars at night and beautiful restaurants.

If you aren’t interested in the walk, there are other outdoor activities to consider, including enjoying a sailboat cruise. Next is the Alamo, which gained popularity during the Texas Revolution. This historic site has continued attracting tourists throughout the year after its restoration.

The Big Bend National Park, Space Center Houston, and Padre Island are also other places to visit.

Where Is the Safest Place to Stay in Texas?

From our list, Frisco is the safest city in Texas. However, other safe Texas cities, including Georgetown, Fulshear, and Fort Worth, offer a better compromise between safety and accessibility.

Final Words

Texas has lots of benefits for people looking to move there. Besides the low taxes, Texas residents enjoy a low cost of living, affordable home values, urban cities with a small town feel, a low crime rate, good nightlife, and lots of green spaces.

Whether you’re a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or young professional, Texas has lots to offer you, including numerous attraction spots scattered all over the state and its lovely weather.

Suppose you’re considering moving to the Lone Star state; this list of the top 12 places to live in Texas will come in handy to help you make the best choice depending on your budget and preference.

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Our professional real estate brokers team is available to get you the home of your dreams as soon as possible and at the best price.

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