About Acadian Home Builders

Acadian Homes is an established Central Texas home builder with an excellent reputation. We have many years experience, offer personalized experience, and are known for our responsiveness and integrity.

Call Acadian at 512-589-3523, or Michael Torrence (ReMax Bastrop) at 512-791-4552 (M) or 512-303-4441 (0) today!

Brandon Badeaux, Owner, Acadian Homes

"I guess you could say it all started with Legos! As a child I would spend hours putting Lego blocks together to create anything from houses to spaceships. That passion to build stayed with me throughout my childhood and later as an adult. I started off my career in building by doing small kitchen remodels and later grew into large complete residential remodels and then new construction.

My mission as a builder is to provide high quality, energy-efficient homes at an affordable price.  I am able to succeed in doing so by using the latest in energy-efficient products and by insuring each phase of construction is inspected by not only me but a team of engineers and third-party building inspectors.

Our homes are built to many of the standards of the Austin Energy Green Building program which are some of the highest energy-efficiency standards in the country. I understand that some people do not understand the whole concept of "Green Building",  but purchase one of my homes and you will understand how concept, quality, and energy efficiency can be used together to construct a beautiful home with a comfortable living environment and the luxury of lower utility bills!"